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The is no better way to kick start your recovery than with NAD Therapy. Clinically proven, medically supervised and all natural; NAD+ Therapy is most current and advanced detox treatment available for chemical dependency.

NAD Therapy helps people suffering from chemical dependency avoid the painful agonies of withdrawal without the need for prescription medication. It works by quickly replenishing cells with vital enzymes that balance neurochemistry.  It reduces pain, improves cognitive thinking and relieves stress on all level.

Detoxification with NAD Therapy is far superior to conventional detox.


NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. NAD is a co-enzyme molecule that makes cellular energy and help maintain the bodies metabolism. NAD is create naturally in every cell in the body and is an essential enzyme that creates cellular energy. NAD literally provide the bio-fuel for every cell and organ in the body.


Lack of this essential coenzyme (NAD Deficiency) is now recognized as a key feature of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, mood disorders, memory disturbance, insomnia, focus and concentration defects and other metabolic disorders and chronic diseases.

Without sufficient NAD, cells cannot function and symptoms will manifest as “brain fog”, inability to focus, general fatigue, losing ambition, aspiration, enthusiasm and inspiration for life. After long periods of this, actual diseases and metabolic disorders will begin to manifest.


Ressoring NAD Levels is essential in recovery.Because of it’s ability to balance metabolism and relieve stress we suggest that participant do 3 day of NAD Therpay that have enetered our progrmd

NAD Therapy works in tandem with our Concious Living Program providing a recovery program that makes perfect sense. Contact us today at 1.877.570.8009 or email us at for more information. We will be happy to assist you with answering any questions about our recovery services and NAD Treatments.

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NAD Treatment

NAD Treatment consists of a series of Intravenous (IV) infusions of NAD administered by medical professionals. Typically, one infusion a day is aministerd by a nurse for up to 10 Days.

At the beginning of each day, a trained nurse will insert an IV and begin to slowly infuse the NAD mixture. Patients are able to comfortably relax while the formulation is delivered over a period of approximately eight hours.

Between the fourth and eighth day, patients typically report feeling better, with increased mental clarity.

In a Few Days NAD Therapy Help to…

  • Detox the body without the agony of intense withdrawal
  • Reduces cravings and drug seeking behavior
  • Quickly restores a general sense clarity and a sense of well-being
  • Replenish and re-balances brain enzymes and helps to restore cognitive function

NAD Therapy Reviews

Doug, a health-conscious personal fitness trainer would drink copious amounts of vodka at night to allow his amped-up body and mind to relax and shut down. He knew that a 12-step program or therapy that dealt with past history wouldn’t work for him given that his issue was clearly a chemical imbalance. After the first day of NAD Therapy he was able to sleep soundly, and he told me he’d been craving-free for more than four months.

Sandy is a young woman whose addiction to pain killers and amphetamines spiraled from recreational use to a full-on necessity. For three years she was not able to get out of bed without drugs, the lowest point of her life. She researched various other programs and told me she was baffled by the concept of replacing one drug addiction with another as a “cure.” After eight days of NAD Therapy, she no longer thinks about using at all.

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