Conscious Living

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What does it mean to “live consciously?”

Essentially, we have to start with the realization that most of us really do not live fully conscious lives. We may think we do, but the slightest self-analysis should demonstrate that much of our lives are on “automatic,” without any conscious awareness.

If we begin to pay close your attention our reality, we become aware that most people are really not conscious of the effects of the imbalance in our lives has one us and each other. If something is out balance in our lives and we become conscious of it, we may been able to direct our consciousness to take balanced action and stop the imbalance.

Imbalances in our live are stressful and being exposed to stress blocks our energies resulting in everything from extremes in emotional reactions, irrational thinking, ill-health, and premature aging.
To become conscious if how to balance out the effect of unbalanced in our life can be as simple as living consciously and taking balanced action.

“Conscious Living” goes beyond just achieving a healthy and energized physical body. The next step in expanding consciousness is to make life’s daily decisions with awareness of their real values and the consequences. It is to “live responsibly” and not to act on impulse or react emotionally to situations. It is to look at all aspects of our life to see if we are making sound choices in each moment.

Conscious living helps us analyze the potential consequences of all of our decisions. We a persona is living a conscious lifestyle, they don’t just react emotionally.Think! Don’t just react!

Live Consciously! You are more than a bundle of physical drives and emotional impulses. Use your mind as well; try to perceive things from a yet higher level that we sometimes call “Spirit.” Act with Wholeness out of the Whole Person you are: Body, Emotions, Mind, and Spirit. Awaken to your Soul, and your Soul will reach down to bring clarity to the Personality you mistakenly think of as your self.

Seek to Become more than you are: Study books that will deepen your self-understanding and give you the means to self-improvement that will awaken and empower your higher consciousness and your psychic skills that really are expansions of Mind and Spirit.

The Conscious Mind opens Doors to Rationality in public life instead of Ideological Posturing leading toward conflict and of fear and hate; of Knowledge based on Science instead of Obedience to some out-dated belief-system; of careers in new technologies in place of old and displaced skills, and in creative expression through arts and crafts in place of just following the other sheep.

It’s a simple formula of “Wake Up, and Live,” but it’s hard to start living consciously when all around you other people are living reactively and thoughtlessly. It is the Time ofBecoming, and for you to Be all You Can Be.

Be conscious of all you do and feel, follow the practice of Yoga Nidra but also develop your powers to expand your active field of consciousness. Move beyond past limits to perception and see and experience more of physical reality, and then to more than physical reality. Consciousness extends to other dimensions, and we become part of the greater consciousness as we experience more of the greater cosmos. Psychic Empowerment is the expansion of awareness and growth in consciousness, and thus to Self Empowerment.

All Life becomes empowering as you become intentionally aware and conscious of the depth of human observation and experience. Conscious Living adds previously unrealized dimensions to the reality of your Personal World—extending its borders to comprehend more and more of the Greater Cosmos. Look at your every experience and see it in greater depth and breadth to participate more fully in the greater conscious universe, and see for yourself what lies “behind the scenes”so that you become an actor rather than a passive reactor.

The greater the depth and breadth of your awareness, the higher and more dynamic your consciousness becomes. Imaginatively speaking, instead of a dull gray sphere of partial consciousness you become a shining sphere of light transforming the world in which you live and act. You become a Messenger of Enlightenment.

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