Energy Balancing

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Energy Balancing

Keeping our mind and body balanced in a world filled with stress is can be tricky business. Is is infact the energies of stress is our daily lives can lead to all types of diseases, disorders, emotion problems and almost all imbalances. The cause of of the majority of all personal problems are simply built up residual energy patterns that can cause lead to long term biological imbalances.

Inbalance and sress in ife is often unprdictable and chotic. The question would be, what does it do to our emtional state and biology?

. is irregularity in energy patterns. When we are exposed to stress and stressors in life, our brin wave patterns are irrregular. This is to say that the frequency of stressfull patterns are causing irrymic bioloical wave patterns in our bioogy. This not oly effect out brainwaves statse, it effect cellular respiration and inevetable altrs are circadian clock gene that requlate our biological rhythms.

oxidative stresss and other imbalances that have built up over time. On a cause and effect level,  disease is more often driven by the biology of the brain based the way we make choices based on social cues and beliefs

Energy balancing helps us release pattern of stress that can cause cellular energy blocks. Stress and oxidative stress and other streesor can built up in our cells over time and cause a biological feedback loops in our biology. When we have blockages is our cells we get sick, feel tire and begin to develop chronic mental and emotional disorders. These disorder are cause by biological feedback loops.

The best way to balance the energy of your mind and body and keep yourself balanced is to live live consciously, develope healthy patterns and meditate daily. of the effects of stress and what daily patterns and personal belief cause stress.. There are many way to help people balance thier mind and body. Energy healing releases emotional energy attachments of their past, cleans up their mental states and repairs the entire biological energy system. What that looks like in our day-to-day life is better health, more joy, clearer mental states and a stronger spiritual connection. Energy healing gives power to our life force so we can become a powerful instrument in attracting what we desired into our lives.

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