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If you or a loved one is struggling with and addiction, substance abuse problem or an emotional disorder, Conceptual Recovery’s holistic recovery programs are designed to help get people back on track living a healthy and balanced lifestyle in Just three weeks.

Personalized Programs

At Conceptual Recovery, we will put together personalized recovery program just for you. Whether your suppering from substance abuse, stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD, our personalized approach to recovery wii help you release the past so you can move on.

The personalized recovery approach provides a unique opportunity to recovery in a safe environment where you wont be distracted by others and you will get to choose your own personalized therapies.

To ensure long term succes, we only utilize natural solutions that balance the whole person. Our services include private accommdations, natural detox, organic meals, empowerment workshops, personalized counseling, meditation classes an assortment of healthy activities that help reset and balance the mind, body and spirit

Recovery Retreats

At Conceptual Recovery, we put together personalized recovery programs just for you. Whether your suppering from substance abuse, stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD, our approach to recovery is innovative and empowering. Our personalized programs provide a unique opportunity to heal and get rebalance is a safe environment where you get to choose from the most advanced holistic recovery solutions available.

Natural Detox

Private Counseling

Organic Meals

Meditation Classes

Sefl Empowerment

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Recovery Retreats

If your ready to take back control of your life, Conceptual Recovery offers recovery retreat that can get you back on track to living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Our retreat packages incude Medically Assisted NAD Therapy and a 21 day Concsious Living Program that provides privates rooms, healthy meals and a supportive team ready to help.

Our 21 Day Retreats packages include all the core services required to get you rebalanced so you can take back control of your life .

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NAD Therapy

NAD Therapy is one most progresssive treatments avaliable in the field of substance abuse detoxification and addiction recovery. It is a clinically proven, medically supervised detoxification protocol that helps rejuvenate every cell in the body. NAD Therapy helps people begin their recovery without the painful agonies associated with alcoholism and substance abuse withdrawal.

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Conscious Living

Conscious Living takes the concept of recovery to level that makes perfect sense. Conscious Living helps people in recovery develop valuable life skills that support living a healthy and balanced lifestye.

Our Retreats provides a Conscious Living Program that help people in recovery expand their experience so they can make mindful decisions based on awareness, balance and integrity. Conscious Living helps people  “Live Responsibly” so they don't act on impulse or react emotionally to situations.

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Conceptual Recovery offers progressive recovery solutions for people suffering from addictions, substance abuse, chemical dependency and emotional disorders. All of our services are designed to naturally balance the mind and body while encouraging long term personal growth through conscious living.



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